Writer not happy about more years of Trudeau

Writer not happy about more years of Trudeau

Canada is laughing stock of world with Trudeau re-elected

Dear editor,

What the heck happened? Mostly likely the question most of us are muttering today. Yeah, what happened? The outcome of election night’s disgraceful event. Well, hard to describe it in a nice way.

Now that Justin has punched in the time clock for the next while, now those that just voted for this goon and his band of little merry people, did you realize that you may have started the ball rolling on the west separating from Canada?

Trudeau regaining control of Canada is the worst thing that could have happened, especially for western Canada.

I think because we, Alberta, booted out the Liberals Justin might retaliate big time, not sure yet just how, but it won’t be pretty.

The bigger-than-life Trudeau carbon tax is on the way, just like a very angry mother-in-law! If you think that it’s costly heating your homes in January and February now, Justin has a surprise on the way and it won’t be a merry one!

This morning as I was standing on my balcony, I swear I could hear laughing and hooting coming from the west. I’ll bet it was the good ol’ U. S. of A., laughing at Canada for voting this moron back in power and yes, it’s true, we are the laughing stock of the world right now.

An unhappy Canadian from Wetaskiwin,

Larry Hiebert