Writer says NDP government ignores Albertans they don’t like

Writer says NDP government ignores Albertans they don’t like

Government obsessed with ‘victims:’ writer

Dear editor,

Re: Letter from Selby Quinn in the June 28 edition of The Pipestone Flyer.

Selby Quinn, I live in the real world, not in misconceptions or misinformation. Rural Albertans do not need to be “dictated or reminded,” we live in the real world Selby Quinn. Our interests were never considered for Bill 6 or the carbon tax, just to mention two items.

Maybe Selby Quinn and NDP supporters have been living a privileged lifestyle and never been the victim of crime, slashed wages or had your job eliminated. I, however, have never had that lifestyle opportunity, so don’t even infer that.

Where is the dignity and respect to thousands of law-abiding people who live with chronic pain but are ignored by the system? They are not provided with free medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic or acupuncture therapy, and diabetics aren’t provided free needles or insulin.

Wake up to reality Selby Quinn, the “crisis” is fueled by those choosing to do street drugs. They are not being tied up and forcibly being injected with street drugs against their will. The underlying message to young kids is, “Go ahead, do street drugs and if you O.D., there’s always naloxone.” That complacency is what starts the addiction cycle! The comment that it’s erroneous to correlate street drug use to a spike in crime shows the distance you are from the real world. If you put lipstick on a pig, guess what, it’s still a pig! Furthermore, if these fine, upstanding druggies can afford to buy street drugs without committing crime then, surely, they can buy their own needles and pay for their own naloxone kits.

A recent Sun article about southern Alberta safe injection sites now has surrounding neighbourhoods littered with used needles. Now residents, their children and pets are at great risk of injury or worse. But those residents are probably “erroneous and misinformed” as well!

When you oppose NDP dogma they label you as erroneous and misinformed. Well, Albertans had $6.5 billion taken in transfer payments and got back $251 million of our own money. We got 3.86 per cent and were taxed 96.14 per cent by the federal government. Yes, and then we were rewarded with a carbon tax from the Alberta NDP and Trudeau Liberals. But I guess that’s erroneous and misinformed as well, Selby Quinn.

To listen to NDP propaganda reminds me of a song by the Alan Person’s Band, “Psychobabble.”

And then there’s also Chicken Little, “The sky is falling.”

Ron Wurban