Writer says NDP have dug hole Albertans are in

Writer says NDP have dug hole Albertans are in

Reader says Notley, NDP afraid of Kenney

Dear editor,

Well, we at long last are heading to the polls, thank goodness. Most of us thought this day would never come.

Apr. 16, on this day I am sure the angels sing. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Here we have Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley. He’s a true blue UCP and she is an “ndp.”

He speaks his mind. She speaks but you just never know what she will say from one day to the next.

I do believe she and her doomed party are scared of Jason Kenney. Why else would they dig up crap from Kenney’s past that dates back as far as 25 years?

She knows that she has a very slim chance of winning this race!

If there was a time to vote, Apr. 16, 2019 is it!

Alberta is in a deep hole that the ndp dug. I believe Mr. Kenney will help us get free.

Vote UCP people. I will and I believe my friend Verva will as well.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Larry Hiebert