Writer says Notley predicted election loss

Writer says Notley predicted election loss

While voting, Notley said “Going, going, gone!”

Dear editor,

Watching the politicians cast their votes on Tuesday, April 16, I see Notley casting her vote. You know, she may have been a not-so-great premier, but, holy, is she ever a great psychic!

So here she is sliding her ballot into the box and she says with a smile, “Going, going, gone!” Wow. She’s that good!

I couldn’t help but laugh because I, as many of you, had a feeling that she wasn’t going to win this election and here she was, confirming this.

Hey Rachel! I have a crystal ball here somewhere in my closet that you could have!

The April 16 outcome was just what we all needed, because if the NDP would have won again…wow. I just got a headache thinking about it.

Go Kenney go! Thanks for listening.

Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin