Writer says Trudeau apologizes for wrong things

Writer says Trudeau apologizes for wrong things

Prime Minister has a lot to apologize for says Wetaskiwin reader

Dear editor,

So, reading online news this morning, I read a story, the headline reads, “Truduh expected to apologize on Thursday, Mar. 8, for the treatment of Inuit with tuberculosis.”

Wow! The main story in the news for the past weeks has been the Lavalin controversy and now the testimony of Gerald Butts, Mr. Wernick and other government officials,” this is big news!

But Mr. Truduh persists on apologizing again. He does this a lot as we all know.

Justine’s logic must be, “Hey, this gets me out of the office!”

So while his good ole boys are defending his sorry butt in court, Justine is sitting in his office and thinking about who next he could apologize to.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Larry Hiebert