Alberta has its issues…

What’s the biggest challenge facing Alberta right now?

Calling Wetaskiwin home…

How long have you lived in the Wetaskiwin area?

Cannabis will be legal this week

Will cannabis have a big impact on your life?

This dog can't resist joining in with his owner's traditional singing
Local day home gets a special drive-by surprise
Sacred Heart Wetaskiwin parishioners sing Hymns with local woman battling cancer
Northridge Wetaskiwin residents take a moment of silence to honour the victims of the N.S. shootings

What’s on tap for Wetaskiwin Thanksgiving?

Staying at homne, travelling…what else?

Local monument to be moved next year

Where should Wetaskiwin’s “Peace Cairn” be moved?

How safe do you feel in the Wetaskiwin area?

Stabbing, attempted kidnapping, armed home invasions over last few weeks…

It’s faceoff time…

NHL season is starting, who are you rooting for?

Cannabis legalization only weeks away

Another recreation option is coming up soon

Effects of residential schools on aboriginal people

Should a national day be dedicated to those who survived residential schools?

Red Deer won’t allow public smoking of marijuana…

Should Wetaskiwin ban public cannabis use?

Claims of copyright infringement at events…

Should cell phones used for recording be banned at concerts?

A rash of serious motor vehicle collisions

What do you think causes summertime MVC’s?

ATV theft is an issue in the region

Have you had an all-terrain vehicle stolen?

The lucky people get to stay at the cabin…

Do you have a chance to enjoy summer at a summer village?

Summertime is the right time

Let’s find something to do for summer…

They say the pipeline is going ahead…

Should the taxpayers be part of the Trans Mountain pipeline project?

Less than a year to next provincial election…

Have you decided which party gets your vote in 2019?

Cannabis will be coming soon…

Federal government says October will be the month

First aid is important, but who knows it?

How many people actually know first aid?

It’s good for your health…

Do you ride a bicycle regularly?