Coal Lake 4-H Light Horse April Report

Pipestone Flyer

    Well, we have entered a new month again!! And guess what?!! Spring is here!! We definitely can tell as our horses are shedding buckets of hair.

    On April 7th we had our general meeting for this month. We discussed the things needed for highway cleanup and signed up to bring food. We got our raffle tickets to sell and some are available at Parkland Fertilizer and the Wetaskiwin Veterinary Hospital.

    On April 6th we had our first ride of the month in which we did trail. We also worked on our gaits, walk, trot, and canter. An awesome ride!

    On April 13th we worked on trail again as well as well as cantering. We had the privilege of meeting Maddi Dewald and her parents, in person, as well as a reporter from the Wetaskiwin Times, who came to this ride.

    On April 16th Dani hosted a riding clinic for the 4-H members who could make it. We worked on Western and English as well as some trail, bending and getting the horse to side pass. Thank you Dani for instructing this event!!

    We have had an excellent month and we hope you have too!!