Millet Fresh Market keeps positive through coronavirus crowds

Millet Fresh Market keeps positive through coronavirus crowds

Fresh Market credits teamwork and their incredible community with their success during the pandemic.

With COVID-19 self-isolations ramping up, many are shopping to ensure their fridges and pantries have enough food to feed their family should they become homebound. While the stress of the pandemic is difficult to deal with, one positive light seems to consistently shine through—the Millet Fresh Market.

This family run business is operating at full tilt these days. Yet in the time of ‘toilet-paper gate’ and bulk buying, customers of the Fresh Market have nothing but positive reviews.

Facebook is lighting up with posts directed at them such as “I love you Fresh Market!” As well as “RAVE to the Fresh Market, their staff, and to the entire Pyle family for putting in ridiculously long hours to ensure we have the supplies we need (oh, let’s not forget the people coming from all our neighbouring communities, too).”

While the community rallies around the grocery supplier, the management feels the same towards their customers.

“The people of Millet have been absolutely outstanding,” says one of the Fresh Market managers, Greg Pyle. “Not one person has tried to hoard.”

Despite panic over groceries that has appeared to be a widespread train of thought lately, Pyle says, “all the people have been very positive.”

Pyle says he understands the public wanting to stock up on groceries. “We are a vital part of the community,” he says about Fresh Market. He recognizes that in times like this, it is important to take care of each other.

His staff has stepped up to the challenge of keeping up with the constant flow of customers as the Fresh Market operates at a level well above normal.

“It’s about providing for our community,” Pyle says. Pyle himself and the rest of his family, including the Fresh Market’s other manager Shawn Pyle, have been putting in 12 to 14 hour days at the Fresh Market on top of their other jobs and obligations.

Pyle says even, “my wife has been coming in wrapping in the meat department.” A little reminiscent of how they met, both working in grocery years ago.

Pyle can’t speak highly enough of his team’s expertise and push during this customer influx. From making sure that all shelves are stocked with the big orders that have been coming in to taking extra precautions to keep the store clean and as safe as possible for their guests.

Knowing that more business means more need for sanitation during the COVID-19 outbreak, Pyle and his staff have been taking extensive measures to minimize the health risk of visiting the grocery store. Before the store even opens in the morning, they are thoroughly sanitizing every shopping cart and basket, in addition to all freezer handles and high touch areas. They continue this pattern of disinfecting multiple times during the day to ensure to the best of their ability that they are doing their part to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Throughout it all, the extra hours, the extra stress, Pyle cannot express enough how much he loves his community. The wave of support has been incredibly appreciated by the entire Fresh Market team.

Pyle says, “It’s been humbling, on how great this community is.”