Mitch Dorge

Pipestone Flyer

    Mitch Dorge Juno winner and Grammy nominee,  best known as the drummer of the Crash Test Dummies, got “In Your Face & Interactive” with students at Griffiths – Scott Middle School.

    In partnership with The Co-operaters since 2007, Dorge travels the country engaging students with his presentation on bullying, peer pressure and risky behavior. The goal is to empower youth by encouraging them to make good choices that will help them be successful in the future. Dorge urges students to follow their dreams and set goals for themselves.

    Using a combination of humor, interactive games and honesty to tackle tough subjects, he addressed the students at their level without resorting to preaching. Letting them know the consequences of bad decision making regarding drug use and drunk driving, Dorge instead sets the students up to make good choices for themselves and their futures.

    No visit would be complete without a demonstration of Dorge’s drumming prowess. He left the students entertained and educated. Mitch Dorge is also a spokesperson for D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Program) and T.A.D.D. (Teenagers Against Drunk Driving).