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Letter to the Editor: Edmonton area church should comply with COVID-19 regulations

Dear Editor,

So as we know, it’s been on the news quite often, people gathering in groups totally unmasked, holding large place cards stating that wearing a mask infringes their constitutional rights; stating that the Lord wouldn’t expect me to wear one.

Now I’m not overly religious, I try my best to attend church every Sunday, I try to obey my Lord as best I can.

However, I do know that in the good book of Romans 13:1, it states “let every man (woman) be subject to the governing authorities”, meaning we as people must obey the rules of the land.

Titus 3:1 states that, “remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities.”

Now we see everyday on the news hour, one church in Edmonton County, going to their church unmasked, children and adults huddled together as they visit, total disregard not only for man’s laws but God’s laws as well. Doing all this while not masking or social distancing, the authorities arrested their minister. But beyond that, there’s nothing much the police can do.

We want to be free of this monster on our backs called Covid-19 but it’s taking forever with these bozos that fail to comply.

-Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin