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Letter to the Editor: say thank you to our farmers

Letter to the Editor by Susan C. Kokas
(File photo)

Dear Editor,

As I gas up my small fuel efficient SUV at a local large cooperative owned gas bar, I look around me to see my friends, neighbours, local trucking companies, loaded semis and last but not least farmers. We are all filling our tanks with what we call an essential item for our livelihoods.

Without fuel the world would be without many conveniences and what we call today; necessities. With expanding technology and new ideas the future is looking bright, but until then we are using the resources we have. Balance and innovation is key. But today was different for me because as I filled up I saw the farmers and local truckers not only filling up and transporting our grains, cereals, livestock, equipment, gravel, snow and other merchandise to all points on themap, including our local stores. Doing so with pride, determination, diligence, conviction and perseverance with a bit of humour, that they have had for centuries.

This past week was different for a fraction of truckers that chose to speak for themselves (not all Albertans or Canadians) and their like minded counter parts. But as they spent precious resources, fuel and time away from family with a loss of income and relying on a Go Fund Me Account that a large per cent will go to the lawyers needed to provide legitimacy; our local farmers are doing what we do every day: thick or thin, go to work, work hard, get the job done and complain a bit at the filling station.

But then we carry on with the essential and life long work we have done for centuries. Farmers don’t have the leisure of driving the grain trucks or cattle transports to Ottawa, nor would they.

They have a 24/7 job to do at minus 40 to plus 40 degrees 365 days a year without a Go Fund Me account to cover their expenses.

Today I witnessed and was reminded of how I was raised and that was to put your nose the grindstone and come hell or high water get the crop off and livestock fed. Because that is what puts food on the table and gas in the truck. Whining is NOT AN OPTION! Driving to Ottawa is not an option! Thank a farmer and maybe go fund them by understanding and buying local goods and thinking about where your money goes!

“Freedom “Con” Voy is just that, a waste of our precious resources and serves only to divide a nation further. My Alberta is not going anywhere and the true “Mavericks” are those farmers that break their backs to keep this country fed while those with yellow vests are determined to take centre stage and take away the glory of the true patriots. Farmers and ranchers and the truckers that service them!

Blood and sweat and generations of true patriot love!

Thank you farmers and all those truckers that serve us.

-Susan C. Kokas