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City of Wetaskiwin seeks public input on proposed redistricting of Centennial Park

Study recommends redistricting and selling Centennial Park to spur economic growth.

The City of Wetaskiwin is seeking public input on a proposed redistricting of Centennial Park following the recently completed Business Mix and Gap Analysis study for Wetaskiwin. The study provides recommendations on how the City can help facilitate local economic success.

Following the completion of the analysis it was recommended that Centennial Park be redistricted and declared surplus land in order to sell in for business development.

If Centennial Park were redistricted and sold it would result in either a whole greenspace, or a portion of it being transformed into a commercial or mixed-use-commercial and residential development.

The City says it understands the importance of greenspaces to community members and is seeking the public’s input on the proposed redistricting. The City has established a survey which is available on the City’s website until end of day April 11, 2021for community members to have their say in the issue.

“The City has heard loud and clear that economic growth remains a priority for Wetaskiwin residents and businesses, which is why we are considering redistricting and selling this underutilized green space” said City Manager Sue Howard. “We understand that greenspaces are also important to our community and continue to beautify and invest in our many well-used parks and outdoor areas for everyone to enjoy.”

Because Centennial Park is currently designated as Municipal Reserve (MR) a public hearing will be required in order to remove the MR designation according to section 675(1) of the MGA.

In addition, according to section 675(3)(a) of the MGA, any proceeds from the sale must be spent on other park projects within the City.

The City says as they explore selling the surplus land City staff will be engaging with the community, especially those living in the area of the Park, to determine what the Park has been used for and where the City could more efficiently accommodate those activities in other greenspaces or parks.

City staff will present the feedback received from the public survey at the regular April 26, 2021 Council meeting.

If City Council decides to proceed with the redistricting of Centennial Park, community members will be able to speak to the project as part of the required public hearing process.