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Town of Millet receives grant for new arena floor

Town of Millet plans to begin construction mid February 2021.

The Town of Millet recently made the contentious decision to not put ice in the Millet Agriplex this year. This decision effectively eliminated Millet Minor Hockey from the Town for the 2020/2021 season.

The Town explained that a big party of their decision was due to the poor condition of the ice floor, which is due for replacement. Two seasons ago the arena also had to be closed down for an ice plant failure.

Following the decision the Town stated, “Decisions were based on several factors, being, overall cost, restrictions due to Covid and the condition of our current ice floor. With the restrictions put forth by Alberta Health services more staff would be required to run the season and teams would not be allowed to play other districts as they did in the past, resulting in much less use of the ice.”

The Town of Millet applied for grants to fund the replacement of the ice floor, and as of Aug. 31, 2020 they were successful and will be receiving a grant through the federal Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

The federal and provincial government have been working together to fund long-term infrastructure investments that will be able to support a low carbon green economy. Alberta will be receiving $3.65 billion from the ICIP over the next 10 years for infrastructure projects.

Millet was one of the 20 infrastructure projects in Central Alberta recently approved for funding.

The Town of Millet will use this grant to complete the reconstruction of the Millet Agriplex ice surface and say that they plan to begin construction mid February 2021. This will establish a new ice surface for the 2021/2022 ice season.

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