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Building business in Wetaskiwin

Façade Improvement Grant + Digital Economy Program support business and community
Two spring programs are here to support businesses in Wetaskiwin.

Truly successful businesses also work for their customers and their community, and two spring programs are here to support those goals in Wetaskiwin. Committed to enhancing the community and supporting business growth, the City’s Downtown and Automile Façade Improvement Grant encourages owners of commercial businesses and property to enhance their commercial storefronts to attract patrons.

Through the program, the City aims help businesses enhance the visual aesthetic of commercial property and adjoining streetscape, increase revenue and drive traffic for business and commercial property owners, and encourage investments in property for long-term enhancements.

Businesses can receive reimbursement for costs associated with façade improvement, such as signs, exterior lighting, siding, awnings, patios and greenery, with project goals to enhance:

• Accessibility – improving accessibility and creating a barrier-free entrance for pedestrians.

• Aesthetic appeal – improving how the building is experienced.

• Lighting and natural surveillance – allowing for a clear view from the interior to exterior of the building and eliminating dark areas while creating ambiance.

• Innovative and artistic design – creating designs that are distinct, while adhering to City Engineering Design Standards, and set buildings apart with the use of colour, sustainable design, and/or public art.

“Clean, interesting and well-maintained facades and patios help create a vibrant and welcoming Wetaskiwin and that in turn is good for business,” says Raelene Coffey, the City of Wetaskiwin’s Economic Development Coordinator.

The grant, open until May 31, is available to businesses in the downtown core or along the automile.

To apply, visit

Moving into the Digital Economy

Beyond the Downtown & Automile Façade program, the Digital Economy Program offers additional support to Wetaskiwin businesses.

Partnering with the University of Alberta, the Leduc, Nisku and Wetaskiwin Chamber of Commerce, Business Link and Digital Main Street, and funded by the Government of Alberta, the City’s free Digital Economy Program is designed to support small business as they integrate or upgrade their online operations including website/e-commerce set-up, social media assistance, paid social and Google advertising.

To be eligible, businesses must:

  • be registered in Alberta;
  • have up to 49 employees (this includes self-employed business owners)
  • and be a home-based or commercial business

Applications for the Digital Economy Program are now open – learn more at

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