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Free program provides the tools to jumpstart your career search!

Wetaskiwin employment programs provide the one-on-one guidance needed for success
DFW Career Services programs are free, and involve assessing the person’s current skills, identifying any gaps, and creating personalized skills training.

If you’re unemployed or under-employed in Wetaskiwin, free support is available to help you get back on track.

With roots reaching back to 1997, when launched a program to deliver occupational training in the health sector for the Metis Nation of Alberta, the company has since grown to serve a diverse array of Alberta job seekers keen to work in a variety of sectors.

From 2010, the DFW team began offering individualized career services in both Wetaskiwin and Camrose, including one-on-one training for those re-entering the workforce or needing to make a change in their career path. Programs were added in Leduc last year.

Today, as the company transitions from its original name – Directions for Wellness – to the more reflective DFW Career Services, they’ve also embraced a new mission statement: to “provide clients with holistic change, so that all individuals can increase their capabilities and find success both personally and professionally,” says Wayne Di Lallo, DFW Director.

Programs through DFW Career Services are free, with funding from the provincial and federal governments, and begin with an assessment of the individual’s current skills and the identification of any gaps, which are then addressed through personalized skills training.

Individuals work through job applications, writing cover letters and resumes, mock interviews and more to prepare them for the job-seeking process. For those lacking recent work experience, workplace training is another vital part of the program. “Individuals gain experience with an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have,” Di Lallo says.

The individuality of the service sets DFW Career Services apart, says Wayne Di Lallo. “We really emphasize a holistic approach.”
The individuality of the service sets DFW Career Services apart, says Wayne Di Lallo. “We really emphasize a holistic approach.”

“What sets us apart is the individuality of the service,” he reflects. “We work with people from all backgrounds and all walks of life and really emphasize a holistic approach.”

If someone is unhoused, for example, the first step in ensuring employability may be helping them secure housing, Di Lallo explains.

DFW Career Services offers 5 key programs:

  1. Youth Employment Services for those age 18 to 24, this program both helps young people gain employment and keep employment.

  2. Workplace Training – providing job placement opportunities that give those age 18 and older the chance to gain skills needed to secure and retain employment.
  3. One-on-one employment services – an individualized program for those over age 18
  4. Transition to Employment Services – for those currently on Employment Insurance, TES provides comprehensive services to help participants acquire workplace and occupation-related skills, and includes a training allowance of up to $7,000.
  5. CEDS – Career and Employment Services for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities; this can be self-identified, but the person must be able to work independently, with some adaptations.

Beyond employment-seekers, DFW Career Services also works with employers to assist in their hiring needs, and to provide corporate training.

To book an assessment with DFW Career Services and jumpstart your career today, visit