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County of Wetaskiwin Municipal Election candidates

County of Wetaskiwin candidates present why they should get your vote on Oct. 18, 2021.
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County of Wetaskiwin Municipal Election candidates present why they should get your vote on Oct. 18, 2021.

The Pipestone Flyer contacted all County of Wetaskiwin Municipal Election candidates for their profiles and only those who submitted before deadline were included in the Pipestone Flyer’s print and below.

Lynn Carwell —Division 2

Growing up, I based most of my decisions on what would be the most fun. Not what you would call a deep thinker back then. Surprisingly, my first job was with the CIBC Bank and I loved it so much. Since then, I have been a mom, marketing assistant for a financial advisor and insurance broker. Currently, I am employed as a commercial and farm insurance broker/account manager. What have I learned from all this? The maneuvering and managing of life’s complexities.

I am a second generation politician. My dad, Cal Hughston, was a County Councillor and Reeve. It became clear to me what his main role was. Serving his people. Responding at a moment’s notice to help. Off and running, to make good of a bad situation. He could not have been happier.

I applaud the County for a job well done and believe I have a great deal to contribute. I feel strongly about and will always advocate for: protection of our watersheds; reciprocity; combatting crime; harmony and co-operation within diversified neighbourhoods; aging in place, as in health care and transportation for seniors who want to remain in their rural homes; any sound advice from my constituents.

I have not held public office but have many skills that are transferrable. And I can tell you with 100 per cent certainty that I will be there for you. That part of my dad lives on in me.

Dale Woitt — Division 3 (appointed by acclamation)

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy being a councilman for the County of Wetaskiwin Division 3. After the first few months I realized it was a good fit for me. I enjoy talking to people and finding common ground. The past four years has been a steep learning curve. It was eye opening to see the big picture from a county perspective. Our personal perspectives are important pieces that we bring to the collective group of seven councillors. Part of my experience on council has been working with a great group of people that are dedicated and caring individuals. Our CAO is professional, knowledgeable, and leads a large staff of people to maintain and enhance our quality of life in the County of Wetaskiwin.

We are a team that makes decisions based on our county’s perspective, provincial and federal laws and bylaws. Council has one employee, our CAO who helps inform us with the latest news, enabling us to make the best decisions for our community. Not everyone understands the regulations we have to adhere to or the number of people and agencies we deal with. We make decisions by consensus or majority rules.

As a council we are conscious of efficiencies and saving the taxpayers money. We are always looking at ways to maintain and improve roads, which is our biggest infrastructure cost. To save money we have secured gravel for many years to come. Old roads with a poor base are repaired and maintained to make them safe and drivable. Paving roads is a long term fix but is costly. Weed control is important because when left uncontrolled it costs more to manage. Sewer systems in our hamlets and municipalities around our lakes are a priority. Council relies on administration to find grants and subsidies to further our tax dollars for all infrastructure. We as a council hear the need for more police to combat crime in our community, and have secured more police to do that.

I sit on eleven boards/committees and serve as an alternate on three more. The committees represent municipalities and organizations in and around the County and the City of Wetaskiwin. I am looking forward to represent County of Wetaskiwin No.10 for the next four years.

Rodney Heeney —Division 6

My name is Rodney Heeney. My family and I have lived in Division 6 for over twenty years. It is my belief that times have changed a great deal and the issues important to our residents have as well. I believe that it is time for a transformation and that is why I have decided to run for councillor in Division 6.

A good councillor needs to be a customer service specialist. Politics can get a bad reputation because candidates promise the moon, when in all honesty most items are not attainable. I have worked in various positions all with customer service being the main goal. For most of my life I have worked in the renovation field.

My goals if elected are straight forward. First and foremost is to remain open and available to all Division 6 residents. I would like to see round table discussions open to everyone, to bring forward ideas and topics of concern. I truly believe that we need to work on finding ways to help combat rural crime. There does not seem to be a week go by that there is another report of property crime of some sort in our communities. My next concern is to attempt to draw new businesses and residents to our area. Across Alberta small communities have lost both. I believe that this is a situation with grave effects on the entire province. We need to come together to find ways to keep our communities alive and healthy so that our towns, villages and hamlets don’t disappear completely.

I ask all residents to get out and vote on October 18. We need to work together to make Division 6 a place we can all be proud to work and live in. Thank You.

Kathy Rooyakkers —Division 6

I have always had a passion for making a difference in peoples lives. I want to see strong vibrant communities in our county, where people are proud to live, work and play. I know that I’m elected by the people for the people. I’m always available to hear resident’s concerns and be their voice at the council table. I’ve been fortunate to serve division 6 for the last 11 years and I always strive to be a more effective leader, communicator and listen to all sides of the issues.

I’m very connected to my community. I bring an all-embracing community perspective. 39 years of volunteering with many different organizations, this has kept me connected to the resident’s perspective. I’m a hard worker and take action to get things done.

I have a strong finical background with a good grasp of the complexities of by-laws, policies, and budgets. I’m able to think “outside the box” willing to consider creative solutions to reach a win-win outcome for all concerned, knowing I’m one vote of seven.

I will continue to find opportunities to expand industry and create job opportunities for the residents. Support policies that ensure we are open for business and development. Support keeping our residential and business mill rate as low as possible. Support key infrastructure and recreation projects. Continue to protect farm land and environmentally sensitive areas.

With uncertain times the county will face more cutbacks from both provincial and federal governments. The county will have to lobby hard to continue getting grants to support building and repairing county infrastructure. Its essential to understand our past, present and future to ensure we are sustainable. I hope to be your choice for Division 6. I have the passionate, experience, and I’m prepared to advocate on your behalf at the board table.

Lyle Seely —Division 7

I have always been very passionate about our community and thought that passion would translate well when representing the concerns of Division 7 ratepayers at the Council table.When I chose to run for Council 8 years ago it was the issue of noncompliant Recreation Vehicles and how it was being handled by the County that compelled me to run. The changes we made to the Land Use Bylaw that term allowed most RV users to become compliant.

Along time business owner and 35 years of volunteering in the community brings a true connection to the community which is often expressed at the Council table. I am always open to listen to the residents’ concerns and help where I can.

I want to see the County work closely with the community groups throughout the County. The Ag societies and other community groups are the heart and soul of our communities.

Each election I have set specific goals that I strived to work towards. When I look back at those goals from 2013 and 2017, I’m proud to say that most of those goals were achieved. Some took two terms to get done, like the goal from 2013 to conduct an external efficiency audit. That was achieved this last term and we have been working on implementing the recommendations from that audit.

My goals going forward if re-elected is to keep pushing for a County run boat launch in Buck Lake. Also in the last term we started working towards a Hamlet revitalization strategy which is something I was pushing for since first elected. I want to keep pushing that forward. The roads, drainage, back alleys and sidewalks all need improving in our hamlets. We need to see growth in our hamlets both on the residential side and new commercial businesses.

Where to vote

On Oct. 18, 2021, voters can head to the ballots at the following County of Wetaskiwin locations:

  • County of Wetaskiwin Office (243019A Hwy 13)
  • Vang Church (474050 RGE RD 235)
  • Central Community Hall (224045 TWP RD 472)
  • Millet Agriplex (5290 - 45 Avenue, Millet)
  • Falun Community Hall (272019 HWY 13)
  • Battle Lake Church (15038 TWP RD 462)
  • Winfield Agriplex (401 6 Street E, Winfield)
  • Yeoford Community Hall (465076 RGE RD 31)
  • Buck Lake Community Hall (801 Lakeshore Drive, Buck Lake)
  • Alder Flats Legion (2 - 2nd Avenue, Alder Flats)

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