Alberta Advantage candidate says get energy industry back on track

Alberta Advantage candidate says get energy industry back on track

Wesley Rea running for AAP in Maskwacis Wetaskiwin

The Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer contacted all candidates running for the Maskwacis Wetaskiwin constituency, asking them the same questions. Their responses will be published as soon as they are received.

Wesley Rea, Alberta Advantage Party

Hello my name is Wesley Rea, I moved to the Wetaskiwin area in 1989 as a child. I first started to become interested in politics when I first learned about it in school. Growing up I was involved with a few volunteer groups, the main one was the Friends of the Community of Wetaskiwin.

I graduated from Wetaskiwin Composite High School in 1996.

I have been employed in a number of different jobs over the years. Started delivering flyers for Re/Max when I was 14, then went on to work for Western Lanes Bowling Alley until I was about 16. I worked in the construction industry for a short while, oil patch for about a year. I also hauled used tires, I worked for Ace Manufacturing, Fibrex in Leduc, and I currently work for a local retail where I am an estimator and sales clerk. I have been there for about 10 years.

I have two beautiful daughters that live in Ponoka. My partner Cassandra has two amazing boys. Cassandra sits on the board for the local Air Cadets, which has me quite involved with it as well.

I personally feel the big issue within the province is getting our energy sector back on track. Without that added income we will always be adding to the provincial debt load. We also need to work on the education in this Province. We need to get back to teaching basic skills, as well as increasing the academic level.

I have always had the desire to get into politics.

I decided to run in this election mainly because I have seen what is happening in this province, it’s time for a change.

Working in the business I do you can actually see the decline in business, plus you hear it from other people as well.

The Alberta economy in my opinion is hurting. Our debt is growing by leaps and bounds, small businesses are closing down because a lack of disposable money in the wallets of Albertan’s. When you don’t have that extra money, you’re not as likely to just go out and explore the little stores.

If I were to get elected, the first thing I would aim to do is get our energy sector back on track, which will cause a flow down effect.

That is the first step any government should be looking at. It increases job availability, more money to spend, the businesses that have laid off could hire again, which turns into tax dollars for the province. All of which will help pay down the provincial debt and provide funding in other areas.