Blackfalds resident Sara Protasow recently gave her son Jax Fyvie, six, a trim with pet clippers. The mother is proud of the end result. Contributed photo

Blackfalds resident Sara Protasow recently gave her son Jax Fyvie, six, a trim with pet clippers. The mother is proud of the end result. Contributed photo

Are you letting your hair grow out? Central Albertans share their stories

One Red Deer salon owner helping clients over video

We’re all about a week away from really bad haircuts.

Blackfalds resident Sara Protasow recently heard that on social media and agrees that it applies to all of us who are self-isolating and social-distancing amid the ongoing pandemic.

She recently gave her son Jax Fyvie, six, a trim.

“I’m pretty proud of it,” she said with a chuckle.

It all started when Protasow’s mother, who is staying with the family, ordered pet clippers online for the family’s two cats.

Protasow is not a professional when it comes to hair.

“When Jax was little, I had given him a few terrible haircuts, but stopped promptly,” she explained.

The mother said the “quick cleanup” was a successful one as she got a thumb’s up from her son.

“I think it was pretty good too actually, I didn’t have to use a bowl, I didn’t touch the top, the sideburns were even and so I’m quite proud of it,” she said.

The mother said she didn’t look up any videos before taking a crack at it.

“Worst case scenario, you shave it off and start again.”

On Sunday, the Blackfalds resident said she is two days away from cutting her own bangs.

“I don’t want to do it, but they need a trim,” she said, adding, “we’re all going to come out of this interestingly.”

She isn’t too worried if the trim doesn’t turn out the way she wants, because hair grows back.

“We’re all going to be in quarantine for a while, so if you mess it up, it’ll just grow back.”

On Advocate’s Facebook page, some central Albertans commented that they’re letting their hair grow out.

“My husband has seen how I cut the knots out of the dog’s hair. He’s not letting me anywhere near his,” said a user.

Another Facebook user said her daughter has short hair, that she has tried to cut in the past and got in trouble for it.

“My daughter has a shorter cut – similar to the gentleman’s cut. I have sent a picture to our hair dresser claiming I cannot promise what I would or would not do,” she said with a laugh. “We have done this before though and I got told to not touch it again, so we will shave up the sides and tie her hair back for now.”

A Red Deer hair salon owner isn’t able to help her clients with a cut at the moment, but is helping them with their hair colouring needs over one-on-one video chat.

Grace Engel, ClassiCuts Oasis owner, said she is providing help with “just the retouch part,” and the demand for the service is high.

Helping clients with a haircut or a full colour would be too complicated over video, she said, but during these stressful times, people need to feel good about themselves, she said.

“We do need to interact with others and we do need to feel good, or for some people it can drive them into depression,” she said.

Engel asks for several photos from her clients, to find the right colour for their hair. She then drops off the box at their doorstep and follows up with them on a video call.

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