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Castor hypnotist wins prestigious award

Paintearth County resident Trisha Fuller has come a long ways in a little over a decade.
Master hypnotist Trisha Fuller doing hypnosis with a client. (Photo submitted)

Paintearth County resident Trisha Fuller has come a long ways in a little over a decade.

A little over a decade ago, Fuller walked away from her healthcare job as a laboratory and X-Ray technician at Castor’s Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital to begin a new career as a consulting hypnotist.

In that time, her business, Hypnosis for Health and Happiness, has grown significantly moving from its Castor office to one in Red Deer. Then, earlier in 2022, Fuller, and her team won a pair of awards: one for provincial hypnotist of the year, and one at the national level for hypnosis specialist of the year.

The awards were presented at an event held in New York in early September.

The two “Prestige Awards” have just recently come to North America, though according to Fuller they have been in Europe for several years.

Closer to home Fuller’s business won the 2021 and 2022 Consumer Choice Awards in Central Alberta for the best weight loss in Red Deer as well.

Fuller said she got into Hypnosis first through the Hypnobabies program when she was pregnant, and then again when she quit smoking through hypnosis.

“I was blown away by the results,” said Fuller.

Fuller began training as a hypnotist herself, eventually becoming a master hypnotist within the Master Hypnotist Society, an American organization started by master hypnotist Scott McFall. McFall is someone Fuller trained under, and at the time, there was no Canadian equivalent.

However, that eventually changed when Fuller became a co-founder of the Master Hypnosis Society of Canada.

Thanks to modern technology, Fuller is able to service all of central Alberta out of her Red Deer office, providing clients with customize-able programs to help them meet their goals, be it quitting smoking or weight loss.

One thing that sets Fuller’s programs apart from others is in addition to the one-on-one programs, she asks her clients to do some homework.

“Doing something once is great,” said Fuller.

“But, the mind is a muscle. Repetition is going to build that new learning system.”

With her status as a master trainer, Fuller is able to teach hypnosis as well.

According to Fuller, people generally want to learn hypnosis to either help themselves or family members and integrate the skills into already existing businesses or occupations such as physical trainers, massage therapists and the like, or to build their own business as a consulting hypnotist.

Fuller says that training as a hypnotist can take anywhere from six to 18-months, depending on how quickly people move through the assignments. Then, students need a certain amount of time working with people before further advancing.

Either way, if anyone is interested in either learning hypnosis or using it as a way to help meet their goals, the process to get started is the same.

Check out either or and sign up for a free screening to see if hypnosis is a good fit.

For those wishing to train, Fuller says that a new training session is slated to started at the end of November, though the sessions are offered quarterly as well.

Kevin Sabo

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