City of Wetaskiwin has Heritage Museum, others in budget

City of Wetaskiwin has Heritage Museum, others in budget

Wetaskiwin Theatre Society receives $20k grant from city

It looks like most of the community non-profit groups requesting help from the City of Wetaskiwin will get at least part of their request.

The City of Wetaskiwin, during its recent budget deliberations process, received a number of funding requests from various local groups. A few received what they requested, most received a part of what they requested and a few did not receive any funds.

City of Wetaskiwin communications manager Ren Goode provided a list of those grants and the grant amounts.

Community Engagement Committee: requested $25,000, received $25,000

Reynolds-Alberta Museum: requested $25,000, received $10,000

Heritage Museum (5 year agreement): requested $75,000, received $50,000

SAGA (Sexual and Gender Acceptance): requested $5,000, received $3,000

Edmonton Int’l Raceway in Wetaskiwin: requested $5,000, received $5,000

Wetaskiwin Theatre Society: requested $20,000, received $20,000

Wild Prairie Collective Society: requested $2,600, received $2,600

Loonstock: requested $1,000, received $0

Wetaskiwin Senior Rodeo: requested $2,500, received $0

Music in the Park: requested $5,000, received $0

More information about the city budget is available online at