County council hears buyer interested in Modeste site

County council hears buyer interested in Modeste site

Alfresco Contractors gravel pit grows beyond permit

The snow is melting, spring is in the air and things are starting to pick up in the County of Wetaskiwin judging by the March, 2018 development report.

The report was submitted to councilors at their Planning and Development meeting Apr. 12 by director of Planning and Development David Blades.

“During the month of March, there were 16 development permits completed with an estimated value of $1,535,000,” stated Blades in his report.

“A 17th permit application was also received, but was subsequently withdrawn. Three permits were Commercial, one permit was for a Public Utility and 14 permits were Residential. There were five Compliance Certificates. Administration conducted one site inspection, seven subdivision design reviews/inspections and no approach inspections.”

Development officer Jarvis Grant also discussed a few of the items in the report. He mentioned the Modeste Truck Stop located at Plan 0125415 B. 1 L. 1B and that a buyer has voiced interest in this property. “County Administration was approached by a potential buyer of the Modeste Truck Stop. The property is currently under the control of a bank due to a foreclosure. As a part of redeveloping the property an environmental site assessment was conducted. Prior to the County issuing a development permit Administration is requiring a Remediation Certificate be obtained from the Province for the site. The Certificate ensures the report was done in compliance with the necessary regulations.” Jarvis noted the contamination is considered minor but has to be addressed before a development permit could be issued. Jarvis noted the potential buyer mentioned a new liquor store is possible.

Grant also commented on the Duggan gravel pit. “During a review of Development Permit files for gravel pits and the reporting of the Community Aggregate Bylaw it was found that the Alfresco Contractors have expanded their gravel pit beyond their original approval and in a new location without obtaining the necessary development permit. Moving forward Administration will be working with Alfresco Contracting to obtain the necessary approvals. They will also be required to obtain registration with the Province due to the size of the pit.”

Grant noted the county did a site inspection on a residential parcel in the Pigeon Lake area. He said the property owner had complained of bad drainage and standing water. The property owner was concerned because it looked like some flooding could occur.

After inspection a frozen culvert under the driveway was found, and that was the culprit. Since the culvert was on private land, the landowner would have to hire someone to melt it.