County of Wetaskiwin has new reeve

County of Wetaskiwin has new reeve

Terry Van de Kraats named reeve after Kathy Rooyakkers steps back

The public face of the County of Wetaskiwin has changed, as a new reeve has been named as of Oct. 16.

At their annual organizational meeting, where councilors are assigned to various boards and commissions, Kathy Rooyakkers, Division 6 councilor, voiced interest in stepping down as reeve.

Speaking with The Pipestone Flyer Oct. 19 Rooyakkers said the position of reeve includes a hefty list of obligations and responsibilities and she felt it was time to step away and let another councilor take over.

At the meeting, Division 2 councilor Terry Van de Kraats was selected as reeve, with Division 4 councilor Josh Bishop selected as deputy reeve.

Rooyakkers said she plans to stay on as councilor as she enjoys serving the community and will give Van de Kraats and Bishop all the help advice they need.