County of Wetaskiwin to focus on actual rural addresses

County of Wetaskiwin to focus on actual rural addresses

Confusion over some road names could affect emergency services

The County of Wetaskiwin will be contacting residents of certain subdivisions to reduce confusion around the naming of roads.

The issue was decided at the county’s Planning and Economic Development meeting June 13. Assistant CAO Jeff Chipley provided councilors with a report on confusion surrounding certain road names.

“At the March 14, 2019 Council for Planning and Economic Development Meeting, Council approved…that Administration investigate the duplication of multiple roads named Lakeshore Drive within the County, to prevent confusion for emergency services units.

“Upon review of the above resolution, Administration researched details regarding Lakeshore Drive within the County of Wetaskiwin and found the following: Buck Lake Townsite – Wayfinding Signs Installed; Greystones – Lakeshore Drive indicated on Subdivision Sign at Entrance, no blue way finders, some personal signs have Lakeshore Drive on them; and Oakes Bay – Drive Lakeshore (Lakeshore Drive) is indicated on the Subdivision Sign at Entrance, no blue way finders.”

During discussion it was mentioned that developers and even residents sometimes have nicknames for roads that aren’t the actual name of the road. Councilors agreed that all residents should know their exact county address so emergency services don’t get mixed up when responding to calls.

“In respect of the resolution and the above information, in accordance with the Rural Addressing Bylaw of the County of Wetaskiwin, roads within hamlets may be given a name.

“However, all other County roads within subdivisions are named based on the Rural Address Names (numbering system).

“However, it is not unusual that local areas have used certain similar names over the years, however, our Rural Addressing Bylaw and resulting processes over the recent years has helped to address some of these issues. Administration notes that Alberta Land Titles may receive the aforementioned road names off the subdivision plans registered, but that those names are not always County approved.”

Reeve Terry Van de Kraats said notifying everyone of their actual county address is the way to go. “To me, it’s pretty straightforward,” said Van de Kraats.

Councilors unanimously decided that correspondence be sent to property owners along 465022 Range Road 61, 465024 Range Road 61, and 465044 Range Road 60 advising of their correct address in accordance with the Rural Addressing Bylaw and further reiterating that that only roads within Hamlets have names such as Lakeshore Drive.