Crimes of the Week

  • Jan. 3, 2013 6:00 p.m.

Pipestone Flyer



     This week crime stoppers needs your assistance in identifying the individual(s) responsible for committing the following offences:

     On December 24, 2012 at approximately 4:30 pm the Wetaskiwin RCMP were notified of 4 youths witnessed entering the yard of Wetaskiwin Trans-Com Services.  The male suspect(s) entered into the fenced yard and were witnessed entering into the school buses parked on the property.  Multiple doors were left open on the buses.  A total of 5 fire extinguishers have been stolen from the interior of these buses.  The male suspect(s) were seen leaving Westbound on foot.  Partial descriptions were provided by the witness which include: One wearing a brown leather jacket, second male wearing a green and yellow jacket and the third male a purple and black sweater.

     On December 24, 2012 the Wetaskiwin RCMP were notified that the mail boxes on Range Road 263 and Highway 13 in Wetaskiwin County had been damaged.  The suspect(s) had cut the locks off of approximately 20 mail boxes and have possibly stolen the individuals mail associated to this location.  Wetaskiwin Canada Post has been notified of the damages and requested to call the individuals they have listed on the rural mailboxes.  The RCMP have contacted the only individuals with mail located on sight to return their property.  Currently there are no suspect(s) associated to the damages caused to the rural postal boxes.

     On December 25, 2012 the Wetaskiwin RCMP were notified by the owner of Prairie Equipment Movers at 4805-42 Ave. in Wetaskiwin that they had been broken into and property stolen.  The suspect(s) entered into the local shop through a rear entrance door.  The main office was tossed about with the filing cabinet overturned and a laptop stolen with a value of approximately $800.  A secondary room office was also tossed and their freight trucks rummaged through in the rear shop.  Further, a portable Welder worth a value of $1800 was also stolen from this location.  The suspect(s) appear to have fled Eastbound from the location.

     If you have information regarding these or any other unsolved crime, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or log on to  Your calls or internet reports to Crime Stoppers are not traced or recorded.  You never have to identify yourself and you never have to testify in court.  If your information leads to an arrest of a suspect, recovery of stolen property or seizure of illegal drugs, you will qualify for a cash reward.  At Central Alberta Crime Stoppers we need your help in solving crime.  Remember, we want your information, not your name.