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Fools Tongue takes on the end of the world

Central Alberta band with Millet, Maskwacis ties release second full length abbum

It is a tall order, bringing forward the idea of creating a musical album that will embody humanity at the end of the world and then actually creating it. Fools Tongue has delivered wonderfully with its most recent album, Sky.

The album and its track list of 12 songs is not quite like anything I have heard before, but the music is fascinating all the same.

With such an intangible and fluid inspiration as the end of the world, Fools Tongue really delved into so many different emotions, anger, defiance, love, to name a few, to masterfully avoid creating a flat caricature of their idea.

Although Sky is a rock album, with a nod to the sounds of Imagine Dragons and Arcade Fire, both influences on the album, the band was seamlessly able to incorporate other genres and elements into the songs.

From choirs and ethereal operatic elements to a few hints to techno, the different vibes coming from each song keep the album from becoming too heavy — in terms of doom and gloom — and redundant.

Although not the title or lead track, I Won’t Bow is one of the most memorable and provoking songs from the album. The theme of not simply giving in when “the end” comes calling is inspiring. But more than that a fighter’s lyrics and drums of the song really make it a strong backbone for the album.

On the flip side, the title track Sky provides a soft, angelic love song to balance out the aggression that comes with I Won’t Bow.

While I enjoy each song on the album as an in the moment experience I’ve found they have little staying power in the head, which is no testament to the hard work and talent put into the music and is more due to my affinity for other musical styles.