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Leduc County Looks For Four-Laning 41st Avenue

Pipestone Flyer

Leduc County council wants Nisku’s 41 Ave. widened to four-lanes all the way to 101 St. in Edmonton.

In August, council approved $650,000 in funding for the four-laning of 101 St. in Edmonton, subject to a reasonable repayment plan from the City. On Oct. 7, that motion was rescinded and council passed a motion to contribute $100,000 to the project to provide a full build out of the intersection at 41 Ave. and 9 St. in Nisku to 101 St. in Edmonton.

While increased traffic has meant the Nisku portion of the road needs to be four-laned, the City of Edmonton planned to expand 101 St to two lanes with a plan to develop it to four lanes in the future.

Leduc County Mayor Clay Stumph thinks that idea is poor planning.

“It doesn’t make sense to build a four-lane road then go to two,” he said. “It’s necessary now. Two lanes will fail before it’s even built.”

Council agreed, approving the partnership with the City and the funding required. Money for the project will come from offset levies, not tax dollars.