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Maskwacis chiefs ask Freedom Convoy protesters to stay home

Maskwacis chiefs: papal visit is for survivors
(File photo/Facebook photo)

The chiefs of the Four Nations of Maskwacis released a statement July 22 in response to the Freedom Convoy’s rumoured plans to protest the papal visit to Maskwacis on July 25.

“The papal visit … is an event for survivors of residential schools across Turtle Island, our First Nations brothers and sisters from Canada and the United States,” the statement reads.

“On behalf of our community, we request that Freedom Convoy protesters planning to attend the apology to please stay home or find a place to protest that is not in our territory.

“The attempts from the Freedom Convoy demonstration to try to take over First Nations initiatives distracts from these important events.”

The chiefs asks for all protesters to respect survivors.

“This is a time for truth, reconciliation and healing. Your agendas do not have a place at these events, and we wish that you respect our territories, our community, and other First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples’ opportunity for healing.”

The release stated the Four Nations have not been contacted by protest organizers, nor have the Nations extended an invitation to host them on their lands.