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Millet council wants two on ‘Early Years Coalition’

Mayor Tony Wadsworth, councilor Vicki Pyle will join board

The Town of Millet is closely examining the issue of early childhood development after a recent presentation on the issue.

At council’s regular meeting Mar. 28, council read a memo from assistant CAO Lisa Schoening which stated, “At the Mar. 14 meeting of council, Niki Tune, from the Wetaskiwin Early Years Coalition, was in attendance and asked council for representation on their board.” Schoening asked which of council would like to sit on the board.

During discussion, it was mentioned that councilor Vicki Pyle voiced interest in a board seat.

Mayor Tony Wadsworth stated he was also interested as he saw tremendous value in the coalition’s work. He noted that Millet has a weakness in kids aged 0-5 years’ emotional maturity, noting the town should look at ways to address that shortcoming.

Wadsworth said he’d love to see more resources in Millet to address that problem and take it from a shortcoming to a strength. Wadsworth suggested investigating whether Millet can have two representatives on the coalition.

Councilor Robin Brooks stated he predicted the coalition would be quite happy to see two council members join.

The mayor also said turning this issue into a strength would give Millet another element to attract families.

Councilors unanimously approved forwarding Wadsworth’s and Pyle’s name to the coalition.