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Millet residents tired of ‘party time’ at soccer fields

Late night hijinx going on at Moonen Heights Soccer Fields

The party’s over, at least for those people partying next to the Town of Millet’s Moonen Heights Soccer Fields.

The Town of Millet council heard about a party problem next to some community soccer fields during their regular meeting Apr. 25.

During the “open mic” part of the meeting local resident Glenn Smith said he wanted to speak to council about a late night partying problem at the Moonen soccer fields.

Smith said there are people drinking in and around the alleyway that leads off the street and into the soccer field area. He said it can last until 2 or 3 a.m., and sometimes all night with people sleeping in their vehicles.

“It’s not a great group of people gathering there,” said Smith. He noted he isn’t the only resident who’s tired of the noise.

Smith said he and other neighbours had some suggestions for getting rid of the problem: sealing off the alley with a locked gate, signs at the street that say “No overnight parking,” more signs near the hiking trails that say “No motorized vehicles,” and some dust control on the alley, which gets pretty dry.

Mayor Tony Wadsworth said he sympathized with the residents because he’s seen the problem firsthand. The Millet community peace officer has also been there to deal with the problems.

Councilor Robin Brooks noted the community used to have a similar problem with people congregating to party at the outdoor rink.

Wadsworth said town staff will look at the issue and council will discuss it at a future meeting.