Pecan Slice an easy and tasty dessert treat

Pecan Slice an easy and tasty dessert treat

If you like Italian, you’ll love Easy Manicotti

This recipe was originally Walnut slice, but I don’t care for walnuts so I made it with pecans and I like it much better.

I used to make it at home all the time as a teenager.

Pecan or Walnut Slice


1 ½ c. Flour

¼ c. Brown sugar

½ c. Butter

Mix until crumbly. Press into a 7 x 11 pan. Bake at 375 for 10 min. Or until it begins to brown. Cool to lukewarm.

Meringue Topping:

2 egg whites

1 c. sugar

2 tbsp. Flour

½ tsp. Baking powder

½ c. Coconut

1 c. Chopped nuts

Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Gradually beat in sugar. Blend in baking powder and flour. Fold in coconut and nuts. Spread mixture over cooled pastry. Bake at 325 for about 15 to 20 mins. Cut while warm into finger sized slices and allow to cool in pan.

Easy Manicotti

1 lb ricotta cheese

4 ounces mozzarella cheese , grated

3 tablespoons parmesan cheese , grated

1 teaspoon sugar

1 egg , slightly beaten

Nutmeg ( to taste)

1 tablespoon parsley , finely chopped

salt and pepper

1 (5 ounce) packages manicotti , uncooked

1 (15 1/2 ounce) jars prepared meatless marinara sauce ( or homemade, if desired)

Directions: Combine Ricotta, Mozzarella, grated Parmesan, sugar, egg, nutmeg, parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

Stuff uncooked manicotti generously with the cheese mixture, from both ends.

Arrange manicotti in a single layer in a baking pan.

Bring sauce to a boil and pour over manicotti, covering completely.

Cover baking pan with aluminum foil, crimping the edges to seal tightly.

Bake in a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for 40 minutes.

Remove foil; sprinkle generously with additional grated cheese.

Bake uncovered for 5 minutes more.

Dora Miner is a local cook and baker who writes a regular column for The Pipestone Flyer.