Pigeon Lake’s art and effort provide a safe habitat for cavity-nesting birds

Pigeon Lake’s art and effort provide a safe habitat for cavity-nesting birds

Birdhouse and Biodiversity Program a partnership for Pigeon Lake

Here’s an update on some activities of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association.

Artist on Site

Dale Shuttleworth, one of the founding members of the Pigeon Lake Artists’ Society was on site recently to paint a birdhouse during the annual Pigeon Lake Artists’ Society Exhibition and Sale at the Village Creek Country Inn. Dale is one of five artists who have transformed birdhouses into unique art pieces as part of the Birdhouse and Biodiversity Program, a collaboration between the Pigeon Lake Artists’ Society and Pigeon Lake Watershed Association (PLWA). The goal of the initiative is to create a visual story about the community is working together to promote biodiversity in the watershed and provide a safe habitat for cavity-nesting birds.

Why birdhouses?

Birdhouses can benefit our environment. When the balance of nature has been disrupted with human activities such as camping, hunting, and dirt bikes, new development in the community, air pollution, and natural disasters such as forest fires, the bird populations suffer. Frequently, birds are forced to migrate to new habitats, which may have unfamiliar predators. Birdhouses at Pigeon Lake will welcome birds and help to keep the chain of events happening in a natural order. They offer a safe place for mother birds to lay eggs, for the eggs to hatch and for baby birds to grow stronger. With a healthy bird population in the community, the birds help to fertilize the soil, add biodiversity, control pets and more.

About the PLWA

The PLWA is a charitable, non-profit environmental advocacy group made up of people who live, work and play in Pigeon Lake and its Watershed. PLWA: Working Together for a Healthy Lake, Health Watershed, Healthy Community.

Silent auction

The Birdhouse are part of a PLWA silent auction that will continue until July 27, 2019. The birdhouses will be on display at events throughout the month to help promote biodiversity around Pigeon Lake. Participants can bid at the follow venues:

· PLWA Booth at the Lakedell Farmers Market on Friday July 5th, July 12th, 19th and 26th

· PLWA Pancake Breakfast and AGM at the Lakedell Ag Society, July 27th (Bid closes at 10 am)

Successful bids will be announced July 27 at 11 am. Items should be picked up on the same day by noon. If absent, PLWA will contact the successful bidder to organize pick up.

-Submitted by the PLWA