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Significant enhancement to Bluebird Park

Crystal Springs community pitches in for park enhancement


Your Aug. 9 article on the new footbridge in Crystal Springs provided glowing testimonials to the leadership of Red Deer College carpenter Dwayne Rausch and some 20 other volunteers who built a simply awesome structure. But then the Flyer used a photo of the decrepit bridge it replaced. The story stimulated such quips as “If that is what they teach at Red Deer College I am going elsewhere” and “If that is what they built, what was the old one like?” Well, have a look at the difference. Even better, come visit, we are told the bridge is now a highlight of the Kisakayo Trail system. Really!

“Bluebird Park” on the western edge of the community has a beautiful new walking bridge and a fresher look thanks to the Recreation and Parks sub group led by residents Dwayne Rausch, Eric Seneka, Lindsay Jones and Arnold Moerth.

Twenty volunteers worked side by side with committee members on June 23 and 24th, a dozen of them working for more than 10 hours on Saturday and another six hours Sunday.

Rausch, who teaches carpentry, developed the plan, organized materials and equipment, surveyed the site and had the volunteers ordered into assembly line teams constructing various parts of the 88 ft. long wooden bridge and 100 ft. gravel walking path. The bridge replaces an old, dangerous structure long overdue for demolition.

The Ballhorn family contributed heavy equipment and operators, the volunteers brought drills, saws, rakes and shovels, two neighbours donated electricity and others brought snacks, while yet others offered their compliments. The bridge replacement is being supported by a materials contribution of $3,000 from the Trails Associations, facilitated by Seneka. Final cost will be about $6,000, in contrast with a commercial estimate of over $50,000.

In addition to the bridge replacement, the park beach has been cleaned of algae mats, nettles removed along a widened walkway, old pier stands and rotting wood removed, wooden barriers straightened, and a picnic table added. Thankful residents inquired if they could build and install a Purple Martin birdhouse. Beauty and pride are truly contagious. The day park enhancement is next.

Submitted by Summer Village

of Crystal Springs

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