Speeding past emergencies is dangerous for all

Speeding past emergencies is dangerous for all

RCMP ask motorists to slow down when passing personnel

Police, fire departments and ambulance staff around the region still see a problem on our roadways: some motorists drive too fast past emergency personnel working on the side of the road.

According to Leduc RCMP spokesperson Cst. Bridget Morla , “When vehicles pass emergency personnel stopped on the roadway it carries a lot of risk for everyone involved.

“Collisions have occurred, with tragic consequences. Driver fatigue, impaired driving, and distracted driving increases the risk. Speed compounds it even further. ”

Cst. Morla also pointed out it is against the law to speed past emergency workers doing their job.

“To help ensure the safety of motorists as well as police, fire, EMS, and tow truck operators, Alberta enacted legislation that requires vehicles to slow when passing emergency vehicles,” stated Morla.

“The legislation states that a vehicle must slow to 60 km/h when traveling in the lane immediately next to the emergency vehicle.

“Where possible, it is recommended to move over to provide more room. Fines for speeding past an emergency vehicles are doubled.”