Wetaskiwin Leaders of Tomorrow 2016 Campaign representative winners

Youth leaders are presented to the community in a memorable ceremony in Wetaskiwin

  • Apr. 6, 2016 1:00 p.m.

6-11 Year Old Category Desma Manns nominated by Sacred Heart School Francine Lefebvre

12-14 Year Old Category Emily Briand nominated by Clear Vista School Kristi Paukstat

15-17 Year Old Category Daniel Lumax nominated by First United Church Dan Liddle

18-21 Year Old Category Fadi Rahbani nominated by Clear Vista School Craig Brooks

Desma Manns

This letter is to formally nominate Miss Desma Manns for the Leaders of Tomorrow 2016. I have been blessed to be a part of the Sacred Heart family where I met Desma and have watched her gorw into quite the beautiful young lady. During my time at Sacred Heart, Desma has impressed me with her ability to take care of others, think of others and more importantly, help others. Staff and students alike have benefited from Desma’s caring ways. Desma doesn’t only live by the golden rule, do unto others, as you would do unto yourself.” In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her face next to the quote in the dictionary.

Not only is she a joy to have around; the dedication she domonstrates within our Peer Leadership group is exemplary. Whether it is completing her shifts, covering anothers when someone is away, assisting me with scheduling, or reminding me when the schedule needs replaced, she does it all with need.

Desma is also an active member of the Wetaskiwin Waterworks players and has the female lead of Lucy in their upcoming play It’s Been A Good Year Charlie Brown. Although Desma is playing Lucy from Charlie brown, her realilife self couldn’t be further from Lucy’s demanding and bossy character.

Desma also recently won two silver medals for her outstanding commitment and personal performance on the local wrestling team.

On behalf of all the Sacred Heart family, I want to thank Desma Manns for her “golden” heart, dedication, and leadership she demonstrates in our school. She is a definite contender for the leaders of tomorrow awards, therefore I hope you recognize this nominee!

Emily Briand

It is my pleasure to nominate Emily Briand for the 2016 Leaders of Tomorrow award. Emily has taken on a variety of volunteer roles throughout our school. Including yearbook, students council, lunch supervision and peer tutoring. Emily worked many hours last year on the yearbook and trained three others to help this year. She is also the president of the student council this year and was an integral part of planning our last dance. She is meticulously organized and extremely co-operative and trustworthy. She is not afraid to spearhead a variety of labour intensive and time-consuming initiatives for the benefit of her peers in junior high. She works hard and is extremely helpful to both staff and students in our school. She is a conscientious student, maintaining honors in all classes, and shows maturity well beyond her years.

Besides school, Emily is part of a recreational gymnastics group called Interclub. She trains five hours a week, competes in fun meets, and participates in demonstrations for the Wetaskiwin and District Gymnastics Club.

In past year, when her brother played hockey, she brought her trumpet to every game and played cheers. She also took it upon herself to entertain the other players’ little sisters by bringing coloring books and crayons to the games and organizing various ‘adventures’ with them at the arena.

Emily shows commitment and honesty, along with a solid work ethic, all with a positive attitude. I am very proud of her accomplishments and cannot wait to see there these characteristics will take her in the future.

Daniel Lumax

Daniel Lumax has been volunteering for as long as we have known him. He always volunteered answers when he was little, often from the front of church. It used to make his mother, the reverend, a bit nervous. The single most important reason that we nominated him is that he comes from the heart. He truly volunteers to do things because he loves doing them.

Tae Kwon-do has been an important influence in Daniel’s life. The philosophy behind this discipline is to focus on developing the skill without too much focus on the ego. It is recommended that older students share their knowledge and expertise with younger students. Daniel voluntarily spent one hour helping younger students each week before his own classes. He took on a mentor role and always offered positive reinforcement and constructive criticism in such a way as to build confidence and respect. He enjoys helping others learn. He is a good listener and always makes sure that everyone has their opinions heard.

Music is another area that provides opportunity to help others. Daniel plays tenor sax in the WCHS Concert Band and is the section leader for this group. He sings in the concert choir, and he also sings with the Jazz Cats basses, where he is again section leader. Daniel volunteers to set things up and take things down wherever the band goes. Often he just sees what has to be done and does it.

At First United he does a large variety of things independently and as part of a team. He has led sing out in front of the whole church. As part of the youth group co-operative activities he can make pie. He pours tea and serves squares nicely. He also works behind the scenes. Lights come on at key moments, his voice is heard coming from some mysterious place chairs and tables get put away. He has been seen laying sod.

He has been a babysitter for younger children, and has helped senior citizens trim their home for Christmas and later take down the trimmings.

Daniel has used all the things he loves to do in his volunteer life to help others. That is a good combination. We are proud to call him a Leader of Tomorrow.

Fadi Rahbani

Fadi Rahbani has been a volunteer coach at Clear Vista School for the past two years. In addition to being a full time fourth year business student at the U of A Augustana campus, he has donated hundreds of hours to coaching both volleyball and basketball. Fadi has a great rapport with the student athletes he works with. He is patient and kind and is able to get the most out of his team athletically. His Clear Vista Sr. Boys volleyball team won the silver medal this fall in the LDAA (our jr. high league) and his basketball team is currently in second place. As one of Fadi’s former teachers at Clear Vista it makes me proud to see what he has accomplished in this life thus far and I believe he is a deserving recipient of the Leaders of Tomorrow Award.