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Conservative politics gave us Trump: writer

Democracy belongs to the poor, not just the rich

Dear editor,

What does conservative mean?

As a teacher, I will say that the word points up the attitude of saving or preserving something. It could imply stinginess or the desire to save old ways or old stuff. But what does it mean if you use a capital letter “C” and create a political party, “Conservative?” What then do you want to save or conserve?

In the Province of Alberta would you conserve any of the P.C. past such as:

1) The income tax law of 10 per cent for rich or poor?

2) The neglect of hospital up-keep?

3) The tolerance of crowded classrooms?

4) Tolerance of Allison Redford’s travel expenses or her having built an apartment for herself in a legislative building?

5) Ralph Klein’s free bus ticket out of town for the poor folk?

6) Removal of proper environmental controls?

7) Give-away low royalty rates for our oil production?

Conservative politics gave Donald Trump to the U.S.A. Similar politics blessed Ontario with Ford. Both of them would like to become dictators. At this age of 93 years, I am a veteran who gave over two years of my youth in the defeat of dictators.

But at this time, democracy is in trouble across the entire world.

So, we as taxpayers and voters must ask the question of Conservative supporters, “Why not support democracy for all, not just for the fortunate?”

Lionel Udenberg


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