Is nothing sacred? Leave it alone

Is nothing sacred? Leave it alone

Reader wants to know if Bighorn going the way of Castle area

Dear editor,

Disgusted the way the NDP has treated responsible, hardworking people, I voted for you to work with all Albertans, not the ones that benefit you and their best interest.

Shannon Phillips said in her town hall phone meeting that we need to take the pressure off Banff and Jasper. We need to support more European tourism. More tourism does not protect the land! In Banff 2017, two elk were put down because they were too aggressive. I was in Jasper and watched tourists trying to get pictures. A park employee was trying to get people to leave the area but they refused. The elk went after the park employee. Luckily, he was not harmed. Did this elk have the same fate as the ones in Banff? This is supposed to protect the land and animals. More concrete and pavement does not.

How does building resorts and huts protect land as stated at one of the public consultations. We need some place for overnight tourists. When asked about golf courses from another concerned citizen, he was told we would have to ask our stakeholders. More unanswered questions. Why are there no NDP leaders at these meetings? Are they scared of bullies and thugs that have taken over these meetings as stated in an article by David Climenhaga? I have been to these consultations and have not witnessed any of this. I have met a lot of good people, young and old at these meetings. Who are the stakeholders at these closed door meetings? Are Drayton Valley, Rocky Mountain House, Nordegg, Sundre, and Indigenous people, Alberta Fish and Game, Friends of the Eastern slopes and many other organizations not your stakeholders? We need some changes with OHV use, but not a total ban like was done in the Castle Park area. You want to save our headwaters? Start where they actually begin, in Banff, Jasper, the Columbia Icefields. Are resorts contaminating them? What about the ice explorer (all terrain vehicle) driving on Icefields? It is okay as long as it involves money, but not okay for the ATV society and responsible ATV users.

Rick Blackwood, Assistant Deputy Minister said there would be no change to random camping and OHV use. More lies. On January 20, 2017 Premier Notley and Shannon Phillips announced a total ban on OHV use in three to five years in the Castle Mountain Park. I have tried to find out who the stakeholders are, as certainly not Albertans.

Y2Y came up often and three of the 13 board of directors live in Alberta. This is a made for Alberta plan as Phillips stated, however, not made by Albertans. Was she part of the Y2Y mapmaking design? Is this not a conflict of interest?

Lying to Albertans (misspoken words) and misrepresentation to Albertans and Premier Notley’s own words, “Because it’s the right thing to do”, maybe she should be fired.

As a voter for the NDP, I apologize. It will not happen again.

Kevin Bablitz