LETTER: Canada isn’t up for business

LETTER: Canada isn’t up for business

‘Gotta wonder what Harper would do’

Dear Editor,

CANADA isn’t up for business, our doors are closed, investors go away!!!

Doesn’t it seem like that these days? Man alive it’s really, really ridiculous! Tech Resources, gone! Our rail lines are being highjacked by a few goons, actually call it as I see it, terrorists!

Justine isn’t helping one bit. He hums and haws, stalling everything which can really do good.

Two weeks after the rail blockades started Justine very meekly almost whispered, “the blockades must come down.” You can almost hear the laughter coming from the protestors, who the heck is taking this laughable week leader seriously!?

This goofball needs to be gone right now!! As it sits right now, just from the rail blockades, we are losing millions of dollars in lost revenue & credit as a country & more blockades are coming up each day.

Mr. Vacation (Justine) is turning our beautiful country into a real sorry site. Gotta wonder what Harper would do?


Larry Heibert