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Mayor’s Message: Year of the Community Association

Red Deer mayor Ken Johnston hopes to shed light on positive contributions to the community

As we embark on the journey of another year filled with opportunities and challenges, I am thrilled to declare 2024 as the Year of the Community Association here in Red Deer. This special designation is a tribute to the remarkable contributions these groups make to the social fabric of our city. Throughout the year, I encourage all Red Deerians to actively engage with their local community associations, as their involvement is key to fostering a stronger, more connected city.

To celebrate the Year of the Community Association, my office, along with City Council, will be setting out on a series of visits to various community associations across Red Deer. We aim to shine a spotlight on the exceptional work being done by these groups and to personally thank the dedicated individuals who contribute their time and effort to make our neighborhoods vibrant and resilient. These visits will provide an opportunity for residents to witness firsthand the positive impact community associations have on our city and to learn more about how they can get involved.

Getting engaged with your local community association is a meaningful way to contribute to the well-being of our neighborhoods. Whether through volunteering, participating in events, or joining committees, your involvement can help shape the direction and vitality of Red Deer. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of active participation, community spirit, and collective accomplishment.

Red Deer is more than just a city; it is a collection of diverse and vibrant communities, each with its unique character and spirit. Our strength lies not only in our infrastructure and economic prowess but, more importantly, in the bonds that tie us together as neighbors and friends. Community associations and groups are the backbone of these connections, working tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for all residents.

One of the key benefits that these associations bring to our neighborhoods is the sense of belonging and social cohesion they foster. In a world that often feels fast paced and disconnected, these groups provide a platform for residents to come together, share common interests, and build lasting relationships. Whether it’s through social events, cultural celebrations, or recreational activities, community associations create spaces where individuals can connect and find a supportive network.

Moreover, these associations serve as advocates for the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods. By working closely with local residents, they can address specific issues, enhance public spaces, and contribute to the overall improvement of our community. The collective voice of a community association amplifies the concerns of its members, ensuring that the city government is informed about the unique challenges and opportunities present in each neighborhood.

In addition to fostering social connections and acting as advocates, community associations play a crucial role in promoting a sense of civic pride and responsibility. Through volunteer initiatives, neighborhood clean-ups, and community development projects, these groups empower residents to take an active role in shaping the future of their surroundings. This not only beautifies our city but instills a sense of ownership and pride that transcends individual interests.

As your Mayor, I am committed to supporting and strengthening our community associations. I encourage residents to actively participate in these groups, sharing their skills, ideas, and passion for making Red Deer an even better place to live. By working together, we can build a city where everyone feels connected, valued, and engaged.

Let us continue to celebrate the richness of our neighborhoods and embrace the positive impact that community associations and groups have on the fabric of our community. Together, we can create a Red Deer that thrives not only economically but also socially, culturally, and spiritually.

Thank you for your commitment to making Red Deer a great place to live, work, and play. I look forward to a year of celebrating and strengthening the ties that bind us together as a community. If you are a part of a community association in Red Deer and would like Mayor and Council to connect with you, please email

Ken Johnston is the Mayor of Red Deer.