NDP light bulbs just effort to buy votes

Which would you rather have free light bulbs or get rid of the carbon tax?

Dear editor,

Which would you rather have free light bulbs or get rid of the carbon tax?

The Alberta NDP government has just announced that they will be sending a company based out of Ontario around to install free light bulbs. This is how they are spending our hard earned dollars that have been collected by charging us all a carbon tax.

They could have at the very least given this millions of dollars to a Alberta firm. I am very sure we have people in Alberta smart enough to screw in light bulbs. I am sure that the company hired to do this work will bring it’s own people from Ontario to do the job. If Rachel Notley thinks she can buy my vote with a free light bulb she is sadly mistaken. If anyone shows up at my door to install them they will quickly leave without doing the job they were sent to do. These light bulbs are probably manufactured in China or Mexico so there will not be any benefit to anyone in Alberta. For the price they are paying the Ontario company to install them she could have started a light bulb plant in Alberta which would at least given some of the unemployed people in Alberta a job.

This idea was done in Manitoba by the NDP government there so it wasn’t even Rachel’s idea in the first place. It was done purely to buy votes.

If a free light bulb means more to you than a balanced budget then go ahead get your lights and pay your carbon tax.

Jim Cook, Westerose