Pipestone Flyer


One of the things that we find upsetting is the way some people park. The problem seems to be worst during the summer. Maybe this is because during the winter we are more forgiving as we rarely see the lines designed to let use know where the spaces are located.

There seems to be a science to bad parking. Some are really good at using two spaces when one will do. Others like the angle approach and still others feel that they need to have five feet on the driver’s side and six or less inches on the passenger side, making it impossible for you to get into your car unless you enter from your passenger side or your moon roof if you have one.

Of course the driver of the car is never around when you pull in or when you are ready to leave, ruining your day and leaving you frustrated.

Well a couple of entrepreneurs have come up with some cards that you can place on the offenders windshield that let you know what you think about their parking skills. 

Some of the cards cannot be repeated in the newspaper, but others are quite humorous. Our five favorite ones are: 

1. I used to park like this. Then I turned 6.

2. Didn’t know it was “National Let Your Child Drive You to Work Day.”

3. Go to a mechanic. Your steering’s off.

4. Is your name Katrina? Because this parking job’s a disaster.

5. Your car isn’t nice enough to park in two spots.

The cards may not improve the individuals parking skills, but are sure to help reduce your frustrations and hopefully they may get the message.