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Ratepayer concerned with safety permit fees

In a newspaper article dated February 4, 2016, regarding safety permit funds...

Dear editor,

Re: Superior Safety Codes Kickbacks to County of Wetaskiwin

In a newspaper article dated February 4, 2016, regarding safety permit funds, we learned that Superior Safety Codes paid the County of Wetaskiwin $69,956.00 to be the sole source for safety inspections and permits for the County of Wetaskiwin.  Superior Safety codes pay the County a 40 per cent kickback for permits issued to anyone in the County of Wetaskiwin in return for being the sole source permit issuer within that county.

If the permit prices were cut down by 40 per cent to save the county residents 40 per cent on their permits, this would be good for everyone and would be an alliance. As I see it now, the county is following right in Allison’s footsteps. Just because it is a so-called “Standard Practice” as stated in the article, does not mean that it is right.

As long as there are kickbacks, Superior is obligated to follow county wishes and demands or possibly lose their contract. Superior cannot act on taxpayer best interests without receiving county approval first. Is this right or is it even legal?

I have no issues with Superior Safety Codes. I do, however have issues with them having to pay 40 per cent of yours and my permit costs to the County of Wetaskiwin in order to keep a contract.

Please contact your county councilor and voice your opinion on this matter. The County office number is 780-352-3321.

Thanks and regards,

Gary Rode, County of Wetaskiwin


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