Seal The Deal

Seal The Deal

Alberta’s business spirit can’t even be held down by the federal government

Alberta boasts of its sports teams and majestic landscapes but what about entrepreneurs?

To that, there is no exception and you don’t have to look long or far before finding some of the most creative and innovative Albertans. In fact, several can be found in the Drayton Valley-Devon constituency. While I have talked in the past about companies like Bio-Composites working in the hemp industry today I want to bring to your attention the break through technology of Safe Seal Valve Systems.

Safe Seal Valve Systems Corp. is the brain trust behind the design and distribution of a patented creation called Safe Seal 360. Their valve greasing system is designed to be used in the operation of pipeline and oil and gas facilities throughout Canada, the US and internationally.

Safe Seal’s valve greasing system ensures that critical valves used to protect people, property and the environment in the event of an emergency or during routine maintenance, are always operating at the highest possible standard. Clients have seen valve life extended exponentially due to the phenomenal clean and grease capabilities of Safe Seal 360. It has also met regulatory specifications and excels in providing work safety, environmental friendliness, and cost effective benefits while reducing a company’s overall carbon footprint.

Industry heavy hitters like Trans-Canada and the AER are taking notice of this locally grown enterprise. The AER, specifically, has indicated a desire to incorporate Safe Seal’s technology into existing and future pipeline projects.

Darren Urkevich, president , and Jason Kennedy, vice-president, of Safe Seal are the developers and distributors of this unique technology.

Their passion and drive to see their product integrated into the oil industry is evidenced by their commitment to keeping this an all-Alberta endeavour including having their system manufactured in Edmonton and Drayton Valley.

It’s time that the NDP and federal government stop and recognize not only the incredible talent that resides in Alberta but also the obvious environmental potential this particular product would have when applied to existing and proposed pipeline projects.

It’s time to let Alberta’s talent shine. We have the most efficient and cleanest energy industry in the world. Rather than raising the burden of taxation on Alberta companies and citizens let us free them up to grow the Alberta economy. It’s time to utilize the minds that can plant Alberta on the world energy stage.

Safe Seal Valve Systems Corp. is just one of many entrepreneurial talents working hard in this constituency and businesses like this are the answer to diversifying and growing Alberta’s economy.

Co-written by Mark Smith and Melissa Talbot