Trudeau’s Calgary visit seems hypocritical: writer

Trudeau’s Calgary visit seems hypocritical: writer

Albertans should get out to vote to get out of the Liberals

Dear editor,

So what’s with our P.M. Trudeau visiting Alberta continually, especially Calgary?

Come on, Mr. P.M. We all know how you feel about the west! You literally hate us! So he’s in Calgary preaching. Oops!

I mean lecturing, outside of the building people are protesting away. Obviously he must know that few people like him, but here he was, once again.

Maybe he loves Calgary for the horses. Come on man, it’s not for the love of the people.

I have a different time seeing our P.M. Trudeau “visiting” our amazing province as he and his Liberal government are totally destroying us!

What really drives me nuts is, come Oct., 2019 many gullible Albertans will still vote for him. Wow!

On the 21st of Oct., 2019, I want to see happy, happy people when we oust our P.M.

Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin