Westerose resident dancing after UCP win

Westerose resident dancing after UCP win

Reader says Prime Minister must go next

Dear editor,

Back on Apr. 30 Mr. Jason Kenney was officially sworn in as Alberta’s new premier! Cool!

Okay, one goon down, that would be Rachel Notley. Now we have one more clown that we need to vote out and that would be groper Justin Trudeau.

When Mr. Kenney won the election on Apr. 16, my best bud Dan Jones from Westerose got so excited that he started dancing. It’s a good thing he didn’t injure himself after just having hip replacement surgery a month ago.

Yes, but I heard that groper Trudeau wasn’t so happy though. Word has it that he’s so stressed out that his hair has been falling out! Dreadful!

We in the west sure do feel bad for him, right?

Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin