Writer also says ‘no’ to wind farms

Writer also says ‘no’ to wind farms

Lots of problems, few benefits from wind farms

Dear editor,

We just wanted to add our voice and agreement with James Cook, Westerose, regarding wind farms in the Winfield area or, for that matter, any other area in Alberta.

Wind farms are a mistake as has been shown worldwide; we do not want them anywhere in Alberta. Not only are they a subsidized liability, they are far from being “green”—from the materials used to construct them, the concrete needed to hold them in place, to the environmental damage they do to the environment and aquifers, to the death of birds and bats, to the noise and pressure pollution they generate, to the blight they cause to the landscape, to the unreliability of their power generation and negative impact to electrical grids.

Say no to wind power generation! We certainly will be.

Darlene Belford and

Rex Swettenham

County of Wetaskiwin