Writer says climate change numbers don’t add up

Fearmongering over climate change but Canada causes only tiny amount

Dear editor,

I would like our politicans to explain their premise as to how they are going to stop climate change.

The earth’s atmosphere is 75 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent oxygen and 0.9 per cent argon. These total 99.9 per cent. Carbon makes up 0.039 per cent of the atmosphere.

Canada was emitting 2 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions when Chretien was the PM. It has dropped to 1.5 per cent in the last 10 years. A 25 per cent reduction without a carbon tax.

1.5 per cent of 39 per cent is 0.000585 per cent .

If Canada were to stop all carbon emissions including including everyone stops breathing, we could drop the world’s carbon percentage by less than one one thousandth of one percent..

Patrick Moore the co-founder of Green Peace, says that the climate change crisis is not only Fake News but it is Fake Science. It has been happening since the beginning of time and is not man-made.

It seems very strange to me that on the same day that Trudeau imposes the carbon tax on the provinces that did not already have it, that scientists employed by the government come out and say that Canada has a climate change crisis, and we have to do something to stop CO2 emissions or we are going to burn up. Not only that but Canada is warming up faster than the rest of the world. Just think about that for a while.

At the same time our government has been running our debts to something like $780 billion. It does not take a lot of brains to figure out what is going on here. The government has to come up with a way pay off these debts and what better way than brainwashing the people into believing that they are saving the planet by paying a carbon tax.

We have two elections coming up and I would advise people to take time to think before you vote, our governments have been brainwashing everyone into believing that they can save the world by paying a carbon tax. Not only are you paying the carbon tax but you are paying GST on the carbon tax. No one has shown how paying the tax has improved the state of our atmosphere.

James A. Cook,


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