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Writer says NDP think they’ll lose election

NDP not calling election because of fear of defeat says reader

Dear editor;

For the last two weeks all we hear from the NDP are attack adds on what the UCP will do when they are in power. This makes me think that they have decided that they are finished as the government and I think they are right. They haven’t even called the election because they want to hang on to power as long as they can.

The NDP have been bragging about how they have created jobs and employment since they have been in power, but most of the jobs they created were in government. Between August 2014 and November 2015 there a massive run up of 64,500 workers according to the Fraser Institute. These jobs were in the province of Alberta but were both provincial and federal.

There has been 160,000 unemployed or underemployed since the NDP took over in 2015.

The wages for workers in Alberta are $2 billion per month less than when Rachel Notley took over the job of running our province.

The provincial debt before the NDP took over was $2,800 per person and currently is $11,887.00 for each and every Albertan. I don’t think that is anything to brag about.

The NDP have just quietly appointed Ed Whittingham to the Board of the Alberta Energy Regulator. He has spent the last 12 years fighting against oil sands development. Whittingham was the executive director of the Pembina Institute and has received Tides Foundation money (Editor’s note: the Tides Foundation is a left-leaning foundation that donates funds to causes like labor issues and immigrant rights). The Pembina Foundation is featured in the Rockefeller Foundation Campaign to land lock the tar sands. They also have paid out money for turning the Bighorn into a park. This is just a way of land locking more of Alberta’s resources. Whittingham is just a fox in the hen house and thanks to Notley she has sabotaged thousands more Alberta jobs. How can anyone believe anything that comes out of her mouth when she pulls a trick like this and then tells you she wants the pipeline?

In the last election there were only 57 per cent of Albertans that voted and there are approximately one third of the eligible voters that work for the government, which means that if you want to get rid of this dictator that we have now, everyone has to get out and vote. Even if you have never been involved in politics or voted now is the time for you to express your opinion and get involved.

James A. Cook