Writer says Trudeau living in denial

Writer says Trudeau living in denial

Prime Minister thinks Quebec is Canada

Dear editor,

So the other day Justin Trudeau walked down the hallway at his house, opened up the cabinet in his office and brought out the family fiddle.

Then he hiked to a high hill and started playing his fiddle, just as Canada is burning to the ground, so to speak.

Doesn’t he realize how bad things are in his country (and I don’t mean his country of Quebec)?

The largest and most threatening problem is the west threatening to separate!

Come on! Anyone with any brain should be able to see that this time a great percentage of western Canada is totally fed up with the east. We voted to get this turkey out of power and what does the east do? They voted Justin, Mr. Groper, back in! Who do they think they’re kidding?

You can see Justin doesn’t really care about Canada, he heads to B.C. to go kayaking. Maybe he’s reliving his childhood days, kayaking without a care in the world. Thanks for letting me vent.

Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin