Are you ready for Alberta to separate?

After election, plenty of talk in Alberta about separation

How far did you travel for summer vacation?

Some people travel, and some like the “stay-cation”

So many local events this summer

How many local events have you attended this summer?

Can you vote in the upcoming byelection?

Are you a resident of the City of Wetaskiwin?

Do you and your co-workers have AC wars?

That’s why they put those locking covers on the thermostat

Too much filthy lucre in local politics?

Do you think local politicians accept bribes?

30th Anniversary of twinning of City of Wetaskiwin and Ashoro Japan celebrated
Grand opening of Family Resource Network in Wetaskiwin
Indigenous Lives Matter protesters march in Wetaskiwin
Powwow held at Ma-Me-O

So much rain, you need a new roof

How long has it been since the roof was shingled?

The fear of earthquakes….

Do you think oil and gas fracking causes seismic activity?

Does your home or business have an alarm?

With rural crime the way it, many see no alternative

Roadwork season in Wetaskiwin

Are too many projects on at once?

Summertime appears to be here

Have you removed your winter tires yet?

Have you ever had the measles?

Scientologist ship refused entry for infamous disease

Should coal changes continue?

Controversial changes to coal industry could be stopped

Recordings improve council transparency?

Do you support video recording of council meetings?

Have you ever lived on a farm?

Have you ever lived on a farm?

Springtime is here, time to walk the dog

PetValu ‘Buy a Paw’ runs this April